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Licentiate Super Recogniser

Super Recognisers of New Scotland Yard

Super-Recognisers, as they are known in the Metropolitan Police, are being deployed in a bid to keep the streets of London safe, They are mostly Police-officers with the ability to remember the faces of almost everyone they have ever seen are helping to crack down on crime.

They quite literally never forget a face, in possession of an extraordinary ability to recognise men, women and children they barely know

When put to the test "Super-Recognisers" can recall up to 95% of the faces seen compared to the average person, who remembers just 20%.

For this reason New Scotland Yard deploys an elite team of 140 officers across London to try to capture the most wanted criminals.

Their talent is thought to be a gift of nature, giving them the tools to identify someone they may have only once fleetingly glimpsed.

Even more impressive is they do not need to see the whole face to make a positive identification.

I am one of these so-called Super-Recognisers and can tell you much more about Super-Recognition and why automated Face-Recognition systems perform much better when combined with a super recogniser

I am regularly tested for my ability to recognize faces of suspects on CCTV, since April 2015, at the University of Greenwich UK!

Lambert B Hop

Lambert B Hop, World Certified SR (Super Recognser)

4 of the best Super Recognisers World Wide
(L to R)

PCSO Andy Pope (UK),

Mr Kenneth Long (UK),

Sgt Chris Tritton (AUS),

Mr Lambert Hop (NL)