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' If In Doubt, Check It Out !'

Security is getting out of date soon, because we are losing our sense of freedom and everything is getting locked in the interests of your and our security.

Security is much more than to identify, respond and file a report!
Often you have actually been too late and the economic damage has already been done ....

A much better security solution is to identify violators, before those attackers can strike, now you are proactive instead of reactive !

By being proactive you will save a lot of economic damage and misery !

Lambert B Hop


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  • High Risk Security expert since 1999, selected and trained by Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

  • Offering very effective support to your security team during their work

  • Raising your security teams alertness and teaching them how to be proactive

  • Improving the effectiveness of all operational and physical security measures

  • Supporting you with Predictive Security Solutions

  • Mitigating your risks, in order to protect your staff and/or employees and assets

  • Providing High Risk Security Consultancyto Governments and Private Organisations

  • Testing your security measures to ensure that security is applied appropriately and effectively

Lambert B Hop, 1st Certified SR in The Netherlands